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In our podcast episodes, we have focused on Eve as our main protagonist, but in this blog article, we list the 5 commandments for Villanelle's global story. Even a psychopathic serial killer has to face progressive complications and a huge dilemma.

Villanelle in Killing Eve Season 1

Beginning Hook - Villanelle

Inciting Incident: Konstantin tells Villanelle that a witness to her Vienna assassination will be interviewed in London the following day.

Some Progressive Complications:

  • The witness is protected by guards in a hospital
  • Villanelle enjoys the killing so much that she doesn’t comply with her orders to make the death of the witness look like a suicide because she kills the guards and the victim in a bloody massacre.
  • Villanelle’s mental state is questioned and she’s taken off the job.


Turning Point: Konstantin tells Villanelle there is an investigation led by Eve Polastri to find Villanelle. Villanelle finds a picture of Eve on the internet and remembers her from the hospital bathroom. She knows now she has already met the leader of the task force that is chasing her.

Crisis: Shall Villanelle be more careful in her killings or should she go on expressing herself in the way she kills and start playing with the one who hunts her? 

Climax: We are not seeing the climax nor the resolution to Villanelle’s beginning hook in the first two episodes. But you will find the answer in episode 3, just look out for it, when Villanelle uses Eve’s name for the fetish sex hospital in Berlin, where she kills a Chinese man.

Resolution: Villanelle lured her prey to Berlin and is now able to study Eve.


Value Shift: It moves from being carefree to that feeling of being intrigued by someone, which is strange and new to Villanelle. Until finding out about Eve, Villanelle was just doing her job, but knowing that Eve will be there to find her victims, gives Villanelle the chance to start a new game to entertain herself. A game that excites her. A game of being the hunter and the one who’s hunted at the same time.


Middle Build - Villanelle

Inciting Incident: Konstantin can’t trust Villanelle anymore. He takes her off her job. She now has to work with partners.

Progressive Complications:

  • Villanelle meets Nadia
  • Guy, she’s working with, is an idiot
  • Nadia is still alive after Villanelle runs over her with the car
  • Eve calls Villanelle a psychopath
  • Villanelle's new mission: Kill Nadia in prison.
  • She killed Nadia but no one is coming to get her out of prison again.


Turning Point: Carolyn meets with Villanelle in prison. Something must have been discussed there that we don’t know about yet. But for certain Carolyn has something to do with getting Villanelle out of prison again in exchange for information? Against the 12? Who knows. But Carolyn is Villanelle’s turning point.

Crisis: Work for Carolyn and do her bidding or stay stuck in prison?

Climax: Villanelle gets freed during a prison transport

Resolution: Villanelle kills her new employer (could mean she’s working for Carolyn now when she turns against the 12), but she fails to kill Konstantin

Value Shift: restricted to free (-/+)


Ending Payoff - Villanelle

Inciting Incident: Villanelle kidnaps Konstantins daughter

Progressive Complications:

  • Kid is annoying
  • Kid tells Anna to call police
  • Anna kills herself
  • Villanelle points a gun at Eve in the café
  • Eve trashes Villanelle's apartment


Turning Point: Eve falls down on Villanelle's bed because she’s so tired.

Crisis: Kill Eve or lie next to her.

Climax: Villanelle lies down and wants to kiss Eve.

Resolution: Eve stabs Villanelle in the stomach.


Value Shift: power to powerless (+/-), healthy to badly wounded (+/-)

Villanelle - Villanelle in Killing Eve Season 1

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