Melanie Naumann

Meet the comic book fan

Melanie is a Story Grid certified editor who specializes in applying the Story Grid methodology to songwriting as well as to the art of writing graphic novels.

Melanie is a developmental editor and action/thriller writer from Germany.

She helps songwriters write lyrics and concept albums that tell powerful stories.

She has just released an ongoing blog article series about how to tell a powerful love story in a song. She has analysed over 130 original love songs of one band devoted to singing love songs, with which she proved there's a correlation between number of albums sold and how powerful the stories in the songs on an album were. Find out more about how to tell a story in a song:


Melanie also likes to read graphic novels and comic books. As an editor she focuses on trying to show how the principles of story structure can be applied for telling stories that work through the art of captivating pictures, captions, and dialogue. Find out more about the stories she's analyzed on her website


Melanie has traveled the world and lived in New Zealand, Australia, and Spain before settling down in her home village in Saxony, Germany.


I help songwriters write lyrics that tell captivating stories. I analyze their songs using the Story Grid Methodology and walk them through the exact steps they can take to make the stories in their songs more powerful to increase the commercial success of their albums.

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Melanie Naumann - Meet the comic book fan

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