Season 1

Killing Eve

Are you a fan of thrillers? If you are, or you'd like to get up, close and personal with a masterwork thriller, tune into Season 1 as we break down the structure and innovations in Killing Eve and investigate the magic behind this award-winning and addictive TV show.

Episodes of Killing Eve

Story Grid Showrunners

Intro to Killing Eve: The Ultimate Thriller

The Assassin and the Detective

Protagonist on a Mission

The Beginning Hook of Killing Eve

Killing Eve - The Killing Becomes Personal

Twisted Romance in Killing Eve

A Love Story in Killing?

Shapeshifters in Killing Eve

Red Herrings in Killing Eve

The Middle Build of Killing Eve

Who is the Victim?

Does the story of Killing Eve Season 1 work?


Killing Eve - Season 2

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