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Killing Eve Season 1 - The 5 commandments of Episode 7: I don't want to be free

This week we will discuss the 5 Commandments of episode 7 of Amazon Prime’s Killing Eve. "I Don't Want to Be Free"

Recap - Episode 6: Take me to the Hole

  • Set in Russia
  • Villanelle goes to prison to kill Nadia
  • Eve and Carolyn travel to Moscow to interrogate Nadia
  • They meet Constantin and Vladimir - two Russian intelligence agents and former boyfriends of Carolyn
  • One interview with Nadia granted - but Constantin interrupts before Nadia tells Eve and Carolyn about Constantin. Nadia gives them information about Anna.
  • Villanelle kills Nadia and is thrown in the hole. No one comes to get her out.
  • Eve uses Carolyn’s information to trade with Vladimir for his help to get Nadia out of prison

Summary - Episode 7: I Don’t Want to be Free

  • Eve is told that she isn’t welcome in Russia anymore
  • Villanelle is in a prison cell with Inga and kills Inga
  • Villanelle escapes
  • Villanelle kills new handler
  • Villanelle breaks into Constatin’s house, then takes his wife and daughter hostage
  • Eve visits Anna, steals Villanelle’s passport and money
  • Constantin escapes Villanelle
  • Eve sees Carolyn visit Villanelle in prison

Inciting Incident

Parul: You could say that the Inciting Incident is when Eve is ordered back to London, but I actually think it’s when they find out that Nadia has been killed and they are back at square one, and I think that Eve is only ordered back after that fact is discovered.

Progressive Complications/ Turning Point


Progressive Complications:

  • Eve doesn’t trust Carolyn anymore (nor do the viewers)
  • Eve is shown the filthy letters between Constantin and Caroline
  • Eve goes to visit Anna and finds out Anna’s husband was killed and castrated
  • Eve finds Villanelle’s passport and money
  • Eve can’t a hold of her husband
  • Villanelle is rescued
  • Villanelle kills her new handler
  • Villanelle confronts Constantin

Turning Point: 

Parul: Eve discovers that Carolyn met Villanelle in prison

Melanie: I think it’s when Carolyn tells Eve she can take her job away from her.

Randall: I think that Parul’s Turning Point is a good one, but it’s a Turning Point for a Crisis in the next episode, and there is another Turning Point within this episode that has a Crisis, Climax, and Resolution.

Parul: I think Mel’s Turning Point is a Progressive Complication.

Randall: I think it’s a Turning Point because of the fact that Eve disobeys a direct order from Carolyn, it builds on the character of Eve.  Jack Ryan is a good example - if there is no Turning Point in the episode, then the episode is boring.

The Crisis

Melanie: So the Crisis Question is does Eve return to London and never find out the truth and possibly allow Villanelle to kill again because no one else can find her, or does Eve stay against orders, risking Carolyn’s wrath, but ultimately bringing her closer to answers.  Is she a quitter or a rule breaker?

The Climax

Melanie: Eve meets with Anna


Melanie: Anna identifies Constantin.

Value Change

From Eve being upset that the Mission is over when ordered home - to - confident she is on the right track when she finds the passports and money and Anna - to - confused and betrayed when she finds out that Carolyn spoke with Villanelle in prison.

Polarity Shift: -/+/--

All - Does this episode work?

Melanie: As a Thriller, lots of death again because of Villanelle - kind of back to the roots of the series.  Eve is continuing to follow her clues, a lot of red herrings. There is the threat of damnation, because if Eve doesn’t continue her job, if Carolyn fires her, Villanelle will continue to kill.  Works for me.

Parul: Death, Death, Death.  Of course, it works.

As a love story, it might have been a little dampened because of the real threat to Eve’s husband being killed and castrated.

Melanie: What about the image of Villanelle as a vampire?  Sucking all the energy from Eve?

Randall: We are here at the end of the Middle Build.  Eve knows Carolyn spoke with Carolyn, and that Carolyn had some relationship with Constantin, her world is collapsing, she doesn’t know who to trust.  Internally, she thinks once again that she is the only hope in stopping Villanelle. Eve is kind of rogue right now.


Did this episode work for you as a viewer?

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It appears that Carolyn has betrayed the task force. So, what other shows have a shapeshifter at the end, where a supposed ally betrays the hero?

Randall: Salt (Angelina Jolie), Something About Mary (Chris Elliot)

Melanie: Comic Books, Steve Rogers (Hail Hydra) because a traitor and betrays the Avengers; Lord of the Rings when Saruman betrays Gandalf

Parul: Designated Survivor; Mission Impossible

Can you think of any shows we missed?  

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